Continuing Project

Design modular furniture suitable for basic households



The project aims to design modular furniture suitable for use by grassroots families, thereby enhancing their quality of life.


Our team will visit families living in sub-divided houses or public housing units for 3 to 4 persons to gain a thorough understanding of the living environment at the grassroots level, and design a series of modular furniture suitable for small spaces, including beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs, to be effective Improve the living environment at the grassroots level.


The project will hold an exhibition to show the prototype of the furniture design, and invite investors and concerned organizations to raise funds to produce innovative furniture in large quantities, thereby reducing costs and putting the products on the market so that low-income families can buy.

2021.03.01 to 2021.11.30


We Collect Mall 

​@Gala Place 

2021.03 to 04.25


Easter Green Market

​@South Horizons Residents Club 

2021.04.02 to 04.04


Wooden phone stand workshop

​@Tuen Mun 



Radio 1-大氣候

​@Radio Television Hong Kong

2021.01.23 12:00

Thank you RTHK for inviting us to share our stories and experiences in the radio program at noon yesterday. We will continue to work hard.

Welcome everyone to listen to Radio 1 to revisit


Wooden Christmas Tree Online Workshop

​@Shamshuipo(south)integrated Family Service Centre(2020.12.24)

@Chai Wan Baptist Church Social Service(2020.12.27)

​It’s the first time to hold an online workshop under the epidemic. We felt nervous and full of freshness from the computer class. Thank you to the community for trusting us and successfully holding the workshop.


​Lamma Island Mural

​@Good Deeds Explorer

2020.12.22 to 12.23

This time we went to Yung Shu Ha Village on Lamma Island to paint murals, the theme is to preserve marine ecology.

This idea stems from the phenomenon that marine life is increasingly being deprived of living space by humans. The work hopes to get support from passers-by for conservation, think about the meaning of marine ecological conservation, and even hope that it can awaken the government and business's commitment to environmental conservation. Pay attention to make changes.


Not only marine creatures, in fact, any creature is worthy of our care and love. There is only one earth, and everyone in us has an obligation to cherish and protect this environment.


Season 9: Children’s Well-being in Subdivided Units


2020.11.21 to 11.22

We are honored to be able to participate in this activity and have a deeper understanding of the children of sub-household households through the activity.

At the same time, we share the models we made and our knowledge to people from all walks of life. We have benefited a lot from the process. DOSHA will continue to work hard to make changes for society and continue to make environmentally friendly wood products.


The LOHAS Pop Up Store


2020.11.01 to 2021.03.31

It’s a great honor to be invited to open our first limited store at The LOHAS. We hope everyone likes our concept and continues to support us.


Monthly pallet Collecting Activity



We are happy to cooperated with Hactl recently to undertake some pallets every month, reducing the time for holding the pallets so that we can devote more time to design and make work more efficient.




​2020.09.05 to 09.06


Cardholder Workshop(Couple)



The Upgrading and Reconstructing Wooden Cardholder Couples Workshop has ended on July 10th, thank you for your support and attendance 😍 We are happy to cooperate with to host this event, and we hope everyone have fun~☺️

However, the schedule is on Friday, and we understand that some people were not able to attend, we will replenish the quota next time for you 😉

We will arrange future workshops on Saturdays, so that everyone can enjoy it.


Display holder


​Art Weekend Market

@T.O.P(Mong Kok)

Luna New Year theme

2020.01.11 to 01.12, 01.18 to 01.19

Valentine theme

2020.02.01 to 02.02, 02.08 to 02.09


TTXS Green Market

@China Hong Kong City


Upcycling Wooden Clock Workshop

@Rotaract Club of Victoria


Thank you Rotaract Club of Victoria @victoria.rotaract for participating in our "Upgrading and Recycling Wood Workshop"~ We hope today’s event will let everyone know more about the status of abandoned wood in Hong Kong and learn about woodworking.

Attached is a group photo of the members of the workshop experience. Thank you for taking the time to come today. We wish you all have an unforgettable memory.


Sai Kung Waterfront Market

@Sai Kung Waterfront Market

2019.10 to 2019.12

There is a time limit for everything, just as the three-month Sai Kung Waterfront Market has finally come to an end.

Sai Kung Waterfront Market was the first market that DOSHA participated in, and it happened to be the first stall. It was a good idea for us. For three months, we kept learning to improve the quality of our products, hoping to satisfy every customer as much as possible. Getting positive praise from guests is an encouragement. At the same time, we will do the improvements of the shortcomings, thanks for everyone’s support. DOSHA's philosophy is to continue the life of waste wood and turn waste into treasure. We firmly believe that all waste wood is worth a second new life.

Finally, the end of the Sai Kung Waterfront Market is another new beginning.